Multi-publication discounts

August 25, 2009
All 3 sportEX publications

All 3 sportEX publications

Back by popular demand – our multi-publication discounts. Save up to 25% on each subscription.

Personal subscriptions

This gives you one copy of each publication each quarter, and one login to the website where you’ll find the interactive issues and archives

  • Any 1 publication = £59 (£54 by direct debit)
  • Any 2 publications = £100 (£92 by direct debit)
  • All 3 publications = £133 (£122 by direct debit)

Work subscriptions

This gives you two copies of each publication, each quarter and 5 website logins to the interactive issues and archives

  • Any 1 publication = £99 (£94 by direct debit)
  • Any 2 publications = £168 (£160 by direct debit)
  • All 3 publications = £223 (£212 by direct debit)

To subscribe: Visit our website at > Click the Subscribe/shop link in the left hand border of the site and choose Multi-magazine deals (you can sign up by both direct debit as well as credit card through our site) or call us on 0845 652 1906.


Some money-saving changes to our subscriptions

August 25, 2009
Subscription savings

Subscription savings

  • Firstly we’ve brought back our discounted multi-subscription packages (click this link for more info). We know that many of you work in several different areas of sport and activity and so we’ve created some subscription bundles that give you discounts of up to 25% per publication if you subscribe to more than one magazine.
  • Secondly save every single year, by signing up by direct debit. A subscription now costs between £5-10 less when paying by direct debit compared with paying by credit card.
  • Thirdly – our work subscriptions – you could end up paying less than £15 per person, per publication, to provide your staff with ongoing professional development for a whole year – can you really get better value than this? There’s the added bonus that we can invoice for these subscriptions, they’re tax deductable, and they give your staff a valuable resource which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days of the year from wherever they have an internet connection. A work subscription includes 2 printed copies sent to the main account holder along with 5 additional website memberships providing online access to the interactive issues with embedded vidoes, animations and CPD quizzes, as well as 10 years of past archives. And all for just £99 for one title. Pay by direct debit and this drops to £94 or take out a sub to all three of our publications for just £223 (£212 if paying by DD) and that works out at less than £15 per person, per publication. And you’ve ticked that CPD box for all your staff in one fail swoop. Not to mention it gives everyone a 25% discount on all other sportEX products like our public advice leaflets.
  • Lastly more than 60% of you have added online subscriptions to your existing subscriptions – meaning you have two payments coming out at different times and we’re aware this is becoming confusing for everyone! As we are doing more and more online, we’ve therefore now merged these subscriptions.  So going forward from last week, ALL our subscriptions come with online access included. This means EVERYONE will be able to view the online extras, the interactive issues and the videos, animations and quizzes as well as the full archive of all our previously published material. We hope this will be clearer for everyone – when you renew your subscription you will receive a login and password reminder.

sportEX readers – a world of opportunities!

August 25, 2009

New opportunities

New opportunities

It’s becoming increasingly clear that promoting physical activity to the wider population is a substantial business in the making. Both the current Government and the Conservatives have made it clear that the NHS can’t survive if the health of the nation doesn’t improve. As a result all parties are starting to pledge significant investment in this direction. Health secretary, Andy Burnham’s speech made earlier this month (click here for a transcript), left no doubt that physical activity will also become a key policy driver.

So what does that mean for our sportEX readers, particularly those who work in other areas of sport/rehab?
If you work in physical activity promotion specifically, the link is obvious and our publication sportEX health, which is the only regular publication in the world (yes seriously!) dedicated to the subject of physical activity promotion, is ideally pitched at those of you doing this job. If you haven’t seen a recent copy, it’s progressed in leaps and bounds recently, click here to access an online version (or visit with inbuilt animations. In addition we’d love to send you a printed copy of the latest issue so if you’d like one, just fill out your postal details by clicking the following link (or visit (it also qualifies you for 25% discounts on our well known physical activity public advice leaflets). Due to the difficulty marketing to what is a very fragmented group of people working in many different settings, with many different job titles – we need your help to pass the on word about sportEX health – so if you know anyone working in this area – please forward this email so they too can request a copy – honestly the more people you can tell, the better.

For those of you treating patients and clients for other reasons like soft tissue injuries or musculoskeletal pain, the connection as to why this is relevant to you, may not be quite so clear. However the reality is that it’s a growing opportunity to develop your business, for those who spot it early. With the exception of clients who are regular sports participants, many of your patients and clients (as well as their families/friends) are very likely to be able to benefit from advice, guidance and support in increasing their physical activity levels for the benefit of their health.  During your treatment time, this is an ideal opportunity to discuss with your clients their physical activity patterns (and let’s face it, it’s likely to be much more interesting than talking about the weather!). Not only does this make your treatment time much more holistic in approach but the client feels you are genuinely interested in their wellbeing thereby strengthening their commitment to you. It also gives you opportunities to cross sell physical activity services. If you don’t wish to deliver these services yourself, you could develop links with local trainers, potentially negotiating referral fees which could work in both directions. Either way, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, and lots to gain.

As a resource, sportEX health contains specific advice about working with clients both with and without medical conditions as well as signposting useful resources, toolkits and highlighting opportunities to create networks with other organisations involved in the delivery of physical activity. It provides posters and printable or photocopiable public advice leaflets, all of which add supplementary value to your clients. sportEX health also covers policy news and research updates so you always come across as being knowledgeable in this area, even if it isn’t your specific area of expertise. It will also help you broaden links with other professionals already working in these areas. So why not request a sample issue today and see for yourself how it can add value to both you and your customers. Click this link to request a sample issue or visit

sportEX leaflets given NHS nod of approval

June 4, 2009

In May we were approached by one of the Department of Health’s London Regional Public Health Group physical activity coordinators who told me that the team had carried out a review of patient resources and found that sportEX’s activity promotion leaflets were some of the best available in the UK. Given the credibility and effectiveness of this physical activity team, this endorsement meant a huge amount.  As a small company with a modest marketing budget, the buyers of our products and services are our best advocates. As a result of this review, the activity team circulated the following email to their full list of London-based public health contacts:

The London Regional Public Health Group physical activity team have recently reviewed the stock of physical activity educational material catalogued in PCT resource centres. We were pleased to identify that all of the resource centres reference educational materials on physical activity and physical activity in relation to chronic disease. However, a high proportion of the referenced material was found to be out of date or no longer available.

As the education of patients and the public through written material is an extremely important component of promoting and advising individuals on physical activity we would like to ensure that all PCTs are using current and appropriate literature to do this. Subsequently, we have undertaken an audit of physical activity leaflets and posters available on line and a review of their content. The outcome of this work has resulted in the compilation of a catalogue (although not exhaustive) of appropriate and useful public physical activity leaflets and posters, this catalogue is attached with this letter.

While undertaking this review it came to our attention that a series of over 40 condition specific physical activity leaflets developed by sportEX Health were particularly good. The sportEX Health leaflets are all peer reviewed and have been deemed by the physical activity team to be user friendly, provide practical information of a high quality which is pertinent to specific health conditions, an example of a leaflet is attached with this letter. These leaflets are available online to purchase and we have collaborated with SportEx Health to offer NHS Trusts a 15% discount as part of an exclusive promotion (available until the 30 of June) where NHS organisations quote 2007/L on ordering leaflets by calling: 0845 652 1906. The range of leaflets can be viewed at this link.

sportEX…bringing to life the medicine behind sport and physical activity

April 11, 2009

This is a new way of publishing – check out how a small niche publisher is leading way in bringing content to life….quite literally!

New presentation from our keynote Major Moves speaker

April 11, 2009
For those of you who attended the sportEX conference, Major Moves 2008, our keynote speaker Biray Alsac has had a busy few months. This time she’s been speaking at the ACSM conference in the USA.

sportEX on the web

February 12, 2009
Social web

Social web

I’ve been having lots of fun recently giving sportEX a profile on the web! In practical terms this means:

  • I’ve created this blog up to keep you up to date with sportEX developments
  • Debs (my fab designer) has uploaded all the images from the publications onto the online photo sharing site Flickr – scroll down the page and check out some examples below or click the hyperlink above
  • sportEX has now got it’s very own YouTube channel with some screencasts (video tours) around our website and a preview of the sportEX/Primal animations I mentioned in the post below
  • Debs has designed some fantastic slideshows showing highlights of articles and online extras appearing in the January issues – these are hosted on the Slideshare website
  • And good old Facebook! Well, there’s a bit of a debate about whether to use this for business but I couldn’t resist the excuse to create a Facebook sportEX page – check it out we’d love you to become a fan!

All these links are permanently accessible in the links box in the top right hand corner of the page of this blog. If you’re using any of the above sites – we’d love to find some friends so please link to us and we’ll link back.

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