Contents of sportEX medicine – Oct 2010 (issue 46)

October 31, 2010
  • Journal Watch – Our take on the quarter’s sports medicine researchsportEX medicine Oct 2010
  • Achilles tendionpathy: part 2 – following from the article published in the previous issue – Dr Nat Padhiar, one of the UK’s first podiatric consultants, is the lead author – and looks at the management of this complex condition
  • The ankle joint: a refresher – part of our hugely successful series of articles looking at common injuries of the joint and reviewing anatomy, assessment and diagnosis. Written by Dr Simon Kay, GP and member of the UK Fellowship of Sport and Exercise Medicine. The online version includes a series of supporting videos and anatomy animations.
  • Working in sports medicine: an insightful and very practical look at your obligations as a therapist to both teams and clubs. A must-read for those of you wanting to work in sport and a useful refresher for those of you who have been doing it for a while! Written by Dr Lisa Hodgson, a university lecturer and consultant to several sports governing bodies.
  • The role of pelvic floor muscles in athletes by Julia Herbert, a specialist physiotherapist in continence and womens health

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