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February 12, 2009
Social web

Social web

I’ve been having lots of fun recently giving sportEX a profile on the web! In practical terms this means:

  • I’ve created this blog up to keep you up to date with sportEX developments
  • Debs (my fab designer) has uploaded all the images from the publications onto the online photo sharing site Flickr – scroll down the page and check out some examples below or click the hyperlink above
  • sportEX has now got it’s very own YouTube channel with some screencasts (video tours) around our website and a preview of the sportEX/Primal animations I mentioned in the post below
  • Debs has designed some fantastic slideshows showing highlights of articles and online extras appearing in the January issues – these are hosted on the Slideshare website
  • And good old Facebook! Well, there’s a bit of a debate about whether to use this for business but I couldn’t resist the excuse to create a Facebook sportEX page – check it out we’d love you to become a fan!

All these links are permanently accessible in the links box in the top right hand corner of the page of this blog. If you’re using any of the above sites – we’d love to find some friends so please link to us and we’ll link back.


sportEX/Primal animations in Jan 09 issues

February 11, 2009

So those of you who subscribe to any of the sportEX publications will hopefully by now have received the January issues and you’ll see that in these issues we’ve really started to use some of the power of the internet to bring both the articles to life. Below is a sneak preview of some animations we’ve produced, courtesy of some brilliant imagery from Primal Pictures for an article on arterial compression syndromes at the shoulder featured in sportEX medicine. Enjoy!

If you visit our new YouTube channel you’ll also see a roundup of the interactive elements in sportEX dynamics and sportEX health has the interactivity built directly into the PDFs themselves. 2009 is already turning out to be an exciting year for us!

sportEX blog intro

February 10, 2009

Welcome to the sportEX blog. The intention of this blog is to keep you posted on what’s going on at sportEX. We’re a small team working very hard and we’d love it if our readers felt they wanted to get more involved in where we take sportEX. This will be a very honest blog covering all sorts of topics from article and animation developments to website developments and even where we feel relevant, updates on policy that we think is important. Please get commenting – we want it all, the good, the bad and the ugly (if it’s absolutely necessary!).

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