Coming up in sportEX medicine – Oct 2009

sportEX medicine

sportEX medicine

A quarterly publication covering the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries (a subscription includes both a printed copy as well as online access)

  • Journal watch – covering key research published over the last three months in the areas of injury treatment and rehabilitation and including our popular ‘in context’ comments
  • Podiatry and sports injuries – Part 1: This article looks at the role of the podiatrist in the assessment of the sports patient and outlines non-weight-bearing and weightbearingassessments (the online interactive version includes videos of assessment techniques)
  • Podiatry and sports injuries – Part 2: This article follows on from part one and looks specifically at analysis of the walking and running gait as well as discussing treatment modalities  (the online interactive version includes various gate analysis videos as well as supporting anatomy animations produced by sportEX)
  • Osteopathy in sport: this article outlines the principles behind the osteopathic techniques commonly used ruing the treatment of the sporting population as well as reviews supporting research.
  • Paralympic sport – an indepth look at working with a paralympic team, the practical realities and some sound clinical advice from Dr Stuart Miller

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