Contents of sportEX medicine – Oct 2010 (issue 46)

October 31, 2010
  • Journal Watch – Our take on the quarter’s sports medicine researchsportEX medicine Oct 2010
  • Achilles tendionpathy: part 2 – following from the article published in the previous issue – Dr Nat Padhiar, one of the UK’s first podiatric consultants, is the lead author – and looks at the management of this complex condition
  • The ankle joint: a refresher – part of our hugely successful series of articles looking at common injuries of the joint and reviewing anatomy, assessment and diagnosis. Written by Dr Simon Kay, GP and member of the UK Fellowship of Sport and Exercise Medicine. The online version includes a series of supporting videos and anatomy animations.
  • Working in sports medicine: an insightful and very practical look at your obligations as a therapist to both teams and clubs. A must-read for those of you wanting to work in sport and a useful refresher for those of you who have been doing it for a while! Written by Dr Lisa Hodgson, a university lecturer and consultant to several sports governing bodies.
  • The role of pelvic floor muscles in athletes by Julia Herbert, a specialist physiotherapist in continence and womens health

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Coming up in sportEX medicine – Oct 2009

August 25, 2009
sportEX medicine

sportEX medicine

A quarterly publication covering the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries (a subscription includes both a printed copy as well as online access)

  • Journal watch – covering key research published over the last three months in the areas of injury treatment and rehabilitation and including our popular ‘in context’ comments
  • Podiatry and sports injuries – Part 1: This article looks at the role of the podiatrist in the assessment of the sports patient and outlines non-weight-bearing and weightbearingassessments (the online interactive version includes videos of assessment techniques)
  • Podiatry and sports injuries – Part 2: This article follows on from part one and looks specifically at analysis of the walking and running gait as well as discussing treatment modalities  (the online interactive version includes various gate analysis videos as well as supporting anatomy animations produced by sportEX)
  • Osteopathy in sport: this article outlines the principles behind the osteopathic techniques commonly used ruing the treatment of the sporting population as well as reviews supporting research.
  • Paralympic sport – an indepth look at working with a paralympic team, the practical realities and some sound clinical advice from Dr Stuart Miller

Highlights of sportEX medicine – July 2009

June 16, 2009

41MDfeatureDPSThese quarters seem to come round faster and faster! Here’s a quick overview of the highlights (and interactive elements) in the upcoming July issue of sportEX medicine.

  • Round up of this quarter’s research accompanied by our ‘putting it into practice’ comments
  • A look at the role of the Star Excursion Balance test in single leg dynamic balance training – by Jaffar Rasool, physical therapist
  • Adolescent spinal back pain and physical activity including an exercise advice leaflet (videos in online version) and a printable desk posture poster
  • Common sports injuries of the wrist including a series of animations produced by sportEX, utilising Primal Pictures 3D anatomy imagery
  • News of our brand new iPALs – customise our printable advice leaflets with your branding and make them available to your patients and clients

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sportEX…bringing to life the medicine behind sport and physical activity

April 11, 2009

This is a new way of publishing – check out how a small niche publisher is leading way in bringing content to life….quite literally!

Video tour around sportEX medicine Apr 09

April 11, 2009

sportEX brings to life the medicine behind sport and physical activity – watch this video and you’ll understand all!

Coming up in sportEX medicine April 09

March 11, 2009


  • Chronic compartment syndrome – by Dr Nat Padhiar, FCPODS
  • Femero-acetabular impingement syndrome – by David Binningsley, MCSP with a series of rehabilitation exercise videos on the online version
  • Arterial compression syndromes at the shoulder – Part 2: Diagnostic arm manoeuvres – by Claire Stapleton, MSCP with a progressive assessment protocol of videos in the online version.

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sportEX/Primal animations in Jan 09 issues

February 11, 2009

So those of you who subscribe to any of the sportEX publications will hopefully by now have received the January issues and you’ll see that in these issues we’ve really started to use some of the power of the internet to bring both the articles to life. Below is a sneak preview of some animations we’ve produced, courtesy of some brilliant imagery from Primal Pictures for an article on arterial compression syndromes at the shoulder featured in sportEX medicine. Enjoy!

If you visit our new YouTube channel you’ll also see a roundup of the interactive elements in sportEX dynamics and sportEX health has the interactivity built directly into the PDFs themselves. 2009 is already turning out to be an exciting year for us!

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