sportEX leaflets given NHS nod of approval

In May we were approached by one of the Department of Health’s London Regional Public Health Group physical activity coordinators who told me that the team had carried out a review of patient resources and found that sportEX’s activity promotion leaflets were some of the best available in the UK. Given the credibility and effectiveness of this physical activity team, this endorsement meant a huge amount.  As a small company with a modest marketing budget, the buyers of our products and services are our best advocates. As a result of this review, the activity team circulated the following email to their full list of London-based public health contacts:

The London Regional Public Health Group physical activity team have recently reviewed the stock of physical activity educational material catalogued in PCT resource centres. We were pleased to identify that all of the resource centres reference educational materials on physical activity and physical activity in relation to chronic disease. However, a high proportion of the referenced material was found to be out of date or no longer available.

As the education of patients and the public through written material is an extremely important component of promoting and advising individuals on physical activity we would like to ensure that all PCTs are using current and appropriate literature to do this. Subsequently, we have undertaken an audit of physical activity leaflets and posters available on line and a review of their content. The outcome of this work has resulted in the compilation of a catalogue (although not exhaustive) of appropriate and useful public physical activity leaflets and posters, this catalogue is attached with this letter.

While undertaking this review it came to our attention that a series of over 40 condition specific physical activity leaflets developed by sportEX Health were particularly good. The sportEX Health leaflets are all peer reviewed and have been deemed by the physical activity team to be user friendly, provide practical information of a high quality which is pertinent to specific health conditions, an example of a leaflet is attached with this letter. These leaflets are available online to purchase and we have collaborated with SportEx Health to offer NHS Trusts a 15% discount as part of an exclusive promotion (available until the 30 of June) where NHS organisations quote 2007/L on ordering leaflets by calling: 0845 652 1906. The range of leaflets can be viewed at this link.


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