2000 free walks and walking maps

June 24, 2009


A slightly flashy site but nevertheless quite useful. It has 2000 walks all around the UK along with accompanying walking maps. I entered in my postcode and it came up with 25 walks nearby including difficulty rating, distance and duration. You can also specify from any of these categories and look in one or more regions of your choice and also choose if you want the walk to be point to point or circular. In addition when you select your walk (and it might take a minute to load) it gives you the option to print the map, share the link or post it on Facebook/Twitter etc.  Flashy it might be, but it’s also quite fun! Visit www.naturevalley.co.uk. Anyone got any others they can recommend? Please comment below.


Multi-URL shortener – great for clients

June 24, 2009

Furly screenshot

The technology: Would you sometimes like to group several URLs together so that you could provide client/customers or patients with one link rather than lots of individual ones? If so here’s a URL shortener that will do it and it’s VERY simple – http://fur.ly – just paste each URL in the box on the page provided (one you paste one in, another empty box appears) until you’re finished and then click OK. Fur.ly will then generate one URL. When you click on this URL, you’ll see a thin orange banner at the top of the window of the first web page you entered. It will say 1 of 3 (or however many links you added) and next to it is a drop down menu with the titles of the web pages for each URL you added (see image).

Application: Perfect if you have a series of links on a specific subject which you might want to share with colleagues or clients. For example in my case I grouped two links on a new story about research proving the effectiveness for arthritis (http://fur.ly/170). You could use them to create groups of information on topics that would be helpful to your clients. You can include a link to a video, links to websites, links to pictures – links to anything all grouped together under one short and simple URL. You can post these links on your web page, Facebook page,  through Twitter or anywhere else web related! Unfortunately you can’t edit the series of links once you’ve posted them, so if you wanted to add a new website, you’d have to add all the links and create a new fur.ly link from scratch. A great way though to add value and build loyalty with your clients and patients for very little effort.

Highlights of sportEX dynamics – July 2009

June 16, 2009

21DYfeatureDPSHighlights appearing in the upcoming July issue of sportEX dynamics (written for sports massage practitioners and people working on the touchline of sport), includes:

  • Our quarterly round up of research with our ‘put this into practice’ comments
  • Athletes, the immune system and the benefits of massage
  • Tibialis posterior dysfunction including animations of the anatomy, structure and function of tibialis posterior
  • Body image – instrument or ornament – the effect of the therapist on an individual’s view of their own body including links to videos and thought provoking websites
  • Use of poster presentations to provide succinct information on sports science and sports medicine – with three examples
  • Body composition – an evaluation of laboratory and field based systems with video instructions of caliper use and a sportEX skinfold data collection sheet

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Highlights in sportEX health – July 2009

June 16, 2009

21HXfeatureDPSThe UK’s only magazine which focuses on promoting activity for health features the following articles in the upcoming July issue:

  • A review of the latest activity promotion policy news
  • A review of this quarter’s research news on activity and health
  • Skill management – guidance from the National Skills Academy
  • What is a physical activity care pathway and how feasibile is it?
  • Topical talks – a summary of cardiovascular exercise programming presentations from a recent BACR study day
  • Fit together – a fitness project developed by Lloyds Pharmacy for the underactive over 50s
  • Case study: How the Fit for Fun scheme is having success attracting minority groups to take part in fitness
  • Learning from evaluation – recommendations on how to improve an exercise referral scheme
  • Becoming an UpStart – inspired by the 2012 Olympics, UpStarts aims to provide top quality sports and nutrition coaching to young people
  • Resources – new resources published in the last quarter

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Highlights of sportEX medicine – July 2009

June 16, 2009

41MDfeatureDPSThese quarters seem to come round faster and faster! Here’s a quick overview of the highlights (and interactive elements) in the upcoming July issue of sportEX medicine.

  • Round up of this quarter’s research accompanied by our ‘putting it into practice’ comments
  • A look at the role of the Star Excursion Balance test in single leg dynamic balance training – by Jaffar Rasool, physical therapist
  • Adolescent spinal back pain and physical activity including an exercise advice leaflet (videos in online version) and a printable desk posture poster
  • Common sports injuries of the wrist including a series of animations produced by sportEX, utilising Primal Pictures 3D anatomy imagery
  • News of our brand new iPALs – customise our printable advice leaflets with your branding and make them available to your patients and clients

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Using social media to build your business – FIA conference presentation

June 16, 2009

OK eventually I’ve got there! After various problems uploading what should have been a simple 3.5Mb presentation file onto Slideshare and after a few file conversions we’re there! This is the full presentation with a few slightly exSlideshareScreenshotpanded slides. I will be posting regular ideas and thoughts about how to use the social web as a means of promoting yourself and your businesses, with a focus on people working within sports medicine and physical activity, so please subscribe using the box in the top right hand corner. You can choose to receive updates by email or through your RSS feed reader if you have one. This presentation takes a minute or two to load, so please be patient but enjoy and please feel free to post any comments or questions below.

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Using social media to build your business – FIA presentation

June 10, 2009

Thank you to all those of you who had the patience tohang out for my presentation at the Fitness Industry Association conference in Bolton yesterday. I haven’t been able to post up my presentation yet but will do so on this blog over the next 24 hours. Thanks again for all the great feedback and please feel free to post any comments or questions below.

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