Contents of sportEX health – Oct 2010 (issue 26)

October 31, 2010
  • Policy update – a look at this quarter’s physical activity policy developments both nationally and internationallysportEX health - Oct 2010
  • Research update – our quarterly roundup of research relating the promotion of health through activity
  • A review of possible evaluation methods of physical activity schemes along with the pros and cons of each written by Kiara Lewis, a senior lecturer at the University of Huddersfield
  • High powered obesity drive – a look at Michele Obama’s mission to tackle obesity
  • Senior Fitizens: holding back the ageing process – an evidence based look at the physiological effects of ageing along with a detailed discussion on how sport and vigorous physical activity can stave off the effects of ageing. By lecturers Drs Simon Jobson and James Hopker
  • To find out the best way to promote active travel, a research team for the Australian State of Victoria asked why people don’t walk or cycle more for day-to-day trip purposes and what can a government do to increase walking and cycling. We review the findings.
  • Getting motivated and staying motivated – Supporting older people in adopting and maintaining an active lifestyle is not an easy task. This article provides some practical information that can help to increase the chances of not only helping older adults to increase motivation but equally, if not more importantly, how to adhere to an active lifestyle.
  • The Global Charter for Physical Activity – we look at what it is, what it aims to achieve and how can you get involved.
  • A roundup of recently launched physical activity promotion resources.

Coming up in sportEX health (Oct 09)

August 25, 2009
sportEX health (Oct 09)

sportEX health (Oct 09)

sportEX health is a quarterly publication (a subscription includes both a printed copy and online access) focusing on the promotion of physical activity for health.

  • Policy and research news – a look at key policy and research which has been published over the last three months
  • The Sitara project – a case study on getting south Asian women active
  • Getting the Ginsters staff active (workplace health case study)
  • The economic case for cycling – giving you facts to fuel cycling proposals
  • The Social Enterprise Fund – how can it help you
  • Delivering an effective senior exercise class – practical recommendations and examples
  • Mall walking – new opportunities for health promotion
  • Marketing – as health promoters you have to become expert marketeers – here we have some practical advice
  • Resources – some practical resources to help you do your job

Highlights in sportEX health – July 2009

June 16, 2009

21HXfeatureDPSThe UK’s only magazine which focuses on promoting activity for health features the following articles in the upcoming July issue:

  • A review of the latest activity promotion policy news
  • A review of this quarter’s research news on activity and health
  • Skill management – guidance from the National Skills Academy
  • What is a physical activity care pathway and how feasibile is it?
  • Topical talks – a summary of cardiovascular exercise programming presentations from a recent BACR study day
  • Fit together – a fitness project developed by Lloyds Pharmacy for the underactive over 50s
  • Case study: How the Fit for Fun scheme is having success attracting minority groups to take part in fitness
  • Learning from evaluation – recommendations on how to improve an exercise referral scheme
  • Becoming an UpStart – inspired by the 2012 Olympics, UpStarts aims to provide top quality sports and nutrition coaching to young people
  • Resources – new resources published in the last quarter

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sportEX health Apr 09

June 2, 2009

We tried something different with this issue of sportEX health and decided to post it online instead of printing it. We wanted to get a real impression of what our subscribers thought when faced with this, instead of the paper form. We’ve had some great feedback, particularly as we incorporated a whole range of interactive elements within the issue and published it on our newly selected e-zine platform, Z-mags. Here’s a preview I posted on YouTube – if you want to check out the issue for real, email me with your name and job title ( and I’ll send you a link if you’re one of the first 50 responders to this blog post.

sportEX…bringing to life the medicine behind sport and physical activity

April 11, 2009

This is a new way of publishing – check out how a small niche publisher is leading way in bringing content to life….quite literally!

Coming up in sportEX health April 09

March 11, 2009


  • Resistance training in pulmonary rehabilitation – by Tim Grove
  • Printable public advice leaflet for people with pulmonary ill-health
  • 2 x Printable resistance training circuits (with equipment and without equipment) for people with pulmonary ill-health
  • Silver swimming – by Kate Sargant, Amateur Swimming Association
  • Pole to pole – Nordic walking – by Gill Stewart
  • Blood pressure explained information leaflets with animation showing effect of lifestyle factors on blood pressure

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