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Social web

Social web

I’ve been having lots of fun recently giving sportEX a profile on the web! In practical terms this means:

  • I’ve created this blog up to keep you up to date with sportEX developments
  • Debs (my fab designer) has uploaded all the images from the publications onto the online photo sharing site Flickr – scroll down the page and check out some examples below or click the hyperlink above
  • sportEX has now got it’s very own YouTube channel with some screencasts (video tours) around our website and a preview of the sportEX/Primal animations I mentioned in the post below
  • Debs has designed some fantastic slideshows showing highlights of articles and online extras appearing in the January issues – these are hosted on the Slideshare website
  • And good old Facebook! Well, there’s a bit of a debate about whether to use this for business but I couldn’t resist the excuse to create a Facebook sportEX page – check it out we’d love you to become a fan!

All these links are permanently accessible in the links box in the top right hand corner of the page of this blog. If you’re using any of the above sites – we’d love to find some friends so please link to us and we’ll link back.


One Response to sportEX on the web

  1. Rosi says:

    I think this interactive site is absolutely fantastic and of a very high quality. I’m not a natural blogger or twit but I find it easy to use. Well done Tor.

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