Contents of sportEX health – Oct 2010 (issue 26)

  • Policy update – a look at this quarter’s physical activity policy developments both nationally and internationallysportEX health - Oct 2010
  • Research update – our quarterly roundup of research relating the promotion of health through activity
  • A review of possible evaluation methods of physical activity schemes along with the pros and cons of each written by Kiara Lewis, a senior lecturer at the University of Huddersfield
  • High powered obesity drive – a look at Michele Obama’s mission to tackle obesity
  • Senior Fitizens: holding back the ageing process – an evidence based look at the physiological effects of ageing along with a detailed discussion on how sport and vigorous physical activity can stave off the effects of ageing. By lecturers Drs Simon Jobson and James Hopker
  • To find out the best way to promote active travel, a research team for the Australian State of Victoria asked why people don’t walk or cycle more for day-to-day trip purposes and what can a government do to increase walking and cycling. We review the findings.
  • Getting motivated and staying motivated – Supporting older people in adopting and maintaining an active lifestyle is not an easy task. This article provides some practical information that can help to increase the chances of not only helping older adults to increase motivation but equally, if not more importantly, how to adhere to an active lifestyle.
  • The Global Charter for Physical Activity – we look at what it is, what it aims to achieve and how can you get involved.
  • A roundup of recently launched physical activity promotion resources.

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