Coming up in sportEX medicine April 09

March 11, 2009


  • Chronic compartment syndrome – by Dr Nat Padhiar, FCPODS
  • Femero-acetabular impingement syndrome – by David Binningsley, MCSP with a series of rehabilitation exercise videos on the online version
  • Arterial compression syndromes at the shoulder – Part 2: Diagnostic arm manoeuvres – by Claire Stapleton, MSCP with a progressive assessment protocol of videos in the online version.

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Coming up in sportEX dynamics April 09

March 11, 2009


  • Craniosacral therapy: its role in sport – by Penny Nisbet, MCSP
  • Sports medicine, rehabilitation and the law – by Mark James
  • Hamstring muscle injuries – by Lee Herrington, MCSP with online anatomy refresher on hamstring structure and function
  • Hydrotherapy in sport – by Alison Skinner
  • Animated hamstring rehabilitation leaflet

Coming up in sportEX health April 09

March 11, 2009


  • Resistance training in pulmonary rehabilitation – by Tim Grove
  • Printable public advice leaflet for people with pulmonary ill-health
  • 2 x Printable resistance training circuits (with equipment and without equipment) for people with pulmonary ill-health
  • Silver swimming – by Kate Sargant, Amateur Swimming Association
  • Pole to pole – Nordic walking – by Gill Stewart
  • Blood pressure explained information leaflets with animation showing effect of lifestyle factors on blood pressure

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Quality strength and conditioning videos

March 10, 2009

In my search to find a good quality video of the Nordic hamstring strengthening exercise to accompany an article we published in sportEX medicine in January on hamstring injury rehabilitation I came across a series of excellent rehab exercises published by MarkSandC on YouTube.

It transpires that MarkSandC works at the English Institute of Sport and I thought such a great resource was worth flagging up. If you want to link to Mark in YouTube – click here.

You also have undoubtedly come across resources like these that you might feel are worth sharing among fellow professionals – if so let’s start by posting them below and if you have time, add your comments and vote on the ones you like and I’ll publish the most popular ones on our website and in the magazines.

Entertaining activity promotion

March 9, 2009

Some very entertaining YouTube videos on the theme of promoting physical activity for health!

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