Multi-publication discounts

August 25, 2009
All 3 sportEX publications

All 3 sportEX publications

Back by popular demand – our multi-publication discounts. Save up to 25% on each subscription.

Personal subscriptions

This gives you one copy of each publication each quarter, and one login to the website where you’ll find the interactive issues and archives

  • Any 1 publication = £59 (£54 by direct debit)
  • Any 2 publications = £100 (£92 by direct debit)
  • All 3 publications = £133 (£122 by direct debit)

Work subscriptions

This gives you two copies of each publication, each quarter and 5 website logins to the interactive issues and archives

  • Any 1 publication = £99 (£94 by direct debit)
  • Any 2 publications = £168 (£160 by direct debit)
  • All 3 publications = £223 (£212 by direct debit)

To subscribe: Visit our website at > Click the Subscribe/shop link in the left hand border of the site and choose Multi-magazine deals (you can sign up by both direct debit as well as credit card through our site) or call us on 0845 652 1906.


Some money-saving changes to our subscriptions

August 25, 2009
Subscription savings

Subscription savings

  • Firstly we’ve brought back our discounted multi-subscription packages (click this link for more info). We know that many of you work in several different areas of sport and activity and so we’ve created some subscription bundles that give you discounts of up to 25% per publication if you subscribe to more than one magazine.
  • Secondly save every single year, by signing up by direct debit. A subscription now costs between £5-10 less when paying by direct debit compared with paying by credit card.
  • Thirdly – our work subscriptions – you could end up paying less than £15 per person, per publication, to provide your staff with ongoing professional development for a whole year – can you really get better value than this? There’s the added bonus that we can invoice for these subscriptions, they’re tax deductable, and they give your staff a valuable resource which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days of the year from wherever they have an internet connection. A work subscription includes 2 printed copies sent to the main account holder along with 5 additional website memberships providing online access to the interactive issues with embedded vidoes, animations and CPD quizzes, as well as 10 years of past archives. And all for just £99 for one title. Pay by direct debit and this drops to £94 or take out a sub to all three of our publications for just £223 (£212 if paying by DD) and that works out at less than £15 per person, per publication. And you’ve ticked that CPD box for all your staff in one fail swoop. Not to mention it gives everyone a 25% discount on all other sportEX products like our public advice leaflets.
  • Lastly more than 60% of you have added online subscriptions to your existing subscriptions – meaning you have two payments coming out at different times and we’re aware this is becoming confusing for everyone! As we are doing more and more online, we’ve therefore now merged these subscriptions.  So going forward from last week, ALL our subscriptions come with online access included. This means EVERYONE will be able to view the online extras, the interactive issues and the videos, animations and quizzes as well as the full archive of all our previously published material. We hope this will be clearer for everyone – when you renew your subscription you will receive a login and password reminder.

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