Contents of sportEX dynamics – Oct 2010 (issue 26)

  • Journal watch – our take on this quarter’s research covering the themes of sports massagesportEX dynamics - Oct 2010
  • How to choose the best massage medium for your clients by Sports Massage Association member, Amy Woolstenholmes – this article reviews the use of vegetable oils, mineral oils, creams, powder, gels and lotions with a number of useful summary tables
  • Case study of an ankle inversion injury from a sports massage perspective, written by Martin Potts, a level 4 qualified sports massage practitioner. The online version includes a number of animations reviewing the biomechanics of walking and running.
  • Sports massage and event riding – the author Sam Daplyn is a level 4 sports massage practitioner and has also competed at an intermediate level in eventing.
  • Are you legal? Part 1: Health and safety in sports therapy – following on from her series of incredibly popular CPD articles, Eileen Baron, former SMA board member, reviews current legislation and offers some very practical advice on some key legal aspects of practicing as a physical therapist.
  • The role of myofascial trigger points in muscular pain by physiotherapist Wai-Leung Ambrose. The online version is accompanied by a number of video resources.

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