Contents of sportEX dynamics – Oct 2010 (issue 26)

October 31, 2010
  • Journal watch – our take on this quarter’s research covering the themes of sports massagesportEX dynamics - Oct 2010
  • How to choose the best massage medium for your clients by Sports Massage Association member, Amy Woolstenholmes – this article reviews the use of vegetable oils, mineral oils, creams, powder, gels and lotions with a number of useful summary tables
  • Case study of an ankle inversion injury from a sports massage perspective, written by Martin Potts, a level 4 qualified sports massage practitioner. The online version includes a number of animations reviewing the biomechanics of walking and running.
  • Sports massage and event riding – the author Sam Daplyn is a level 4 sports massage practitioner and has also competed at an intermediate level in eventing.
  • Are you legal? Part 1: Health and safety in sports therapy – following on from her series of incredibly popular CPD articles, Eileen Baron, former SMA board member, reviews current legislation and offers some very practical advice on some key legal aspects of practicing as a physical therapist.
  • The role of myofascial trigger points in muscular pain by physiotherapist Wai-Leung Ambrose. The online version is accompanied by a number of video resources.

Coming up in sportEX dynamics (Oct 09)

August 25, 2009
sportEX dynamics (Oct 09)

sportEX dynamics (Oct 09)

A quarterly publication (a subscription includes both a printed copy and online access) covering sports massage, sports performance and pitchside injury

  • Journal watch – again covering key research published over the last three months in the areas of sports performance, sports massage and pitchside injury
  • Pre-season musculoskeletal screening – including online forms and templates which can also be customised for your own clinic or practice
  • A tape-based guide to measurement of patella displacement including video demonstrations in the online interactive versions
  • The use of deep transverse frictions in the treatment of acute and chronic soft tissue injuries – both application of treatment as well as its theorised effects on tissue are discussed in this article

Highlights of sportEX dynamics – July 2009

June 16, 2009

21DYfeatureDPSHighlights appearing in the upcoming July issue of sportEX dynamics (written for sports massage practitioners and people working on the touchline of sport), includes:

  • Our quarterly round up of research with our ‘put this into practice’ comments
  • Athletes, the immune system and the benefits of massage
  • Tibialis posterior dysfunction including animations of the anatomy, structure and function of tibialis posterior
  • Body image – instrument or ornament – the effect of the therapist on an individual’s view of their own body including links to videos and thought provoking websites
  • Use of poster presentations to provide succinct information on sports science and sports medicine – with three examples
  • Body composition – an evaluation of laboratory and field based systems with video instructions of caliper use and a sportEX skinfold data collection sheet

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sportEX…bringing to life the medicine behind sport and physical activity

April 11, 2009

This is a new way of publishing – check out how a small niche publisher is leading way in bringing content to life….quite literally!

Video tour around sportEX dynamics Apr 09

April 11, 2009

Coming up in sportEX dynamics April 09

March 11, 2009


  • Craniosacral therapy: its role in sport – by Penny Nisbet, MCSP
  • Sports medicine, rehabilitation and the law – by Mark James
  • Hamstring muscle injuries – by Lee Herrington, MCSP with online anatomy refresher on hamstring structure and function
  • Hydrotherapy in sport – by Alison Skinner
  • Animated hamstring rehabilitation leaflet

sportEX/Primal animations in Jan 09 issues

February 11, 2009

So those of you who subscribe to any of the sportEX publications will hopefully by now have received the January issues and you’ll see that in these issues we’ve really started to use some of the power of the internet to bring both the articles to life. Below is a sneak preview of some animations we’ve produced, courtesy of some brilliant imagery from Primal Pictures for an article on arterial compression syndromes at the shoulder featured in sportEX medicine. Enjoy!

If you visit our new YouTube channel you’ll also see a roundup of the interactive elements in sportEX dynamics and sportEX health has the interactivity built directly into the PDFs themselves. 2009 is already turning out to be an exciting year for us!

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