sportex_square_logo145x108pxsportEX began life 10 years ago in 1999, as printed magazines targeting health and sports medicine professionals. Over 10 years, we’ve grown, stretched and now warped into much more! We still produce the magazines (both in paper as well as online) but thanks to my other life as a technology and e-learning consultant, we’re really starting to embrace the extra functionality offered by the internet and particularly the social web. But I’ve got a whole other blog dedicated to that, so I won’t go into it here!

In the meantime we have three publications:

  • sportEX medicine – written for physical therapists and rehabilitators working in sports medicine
  • sportEX dynamics – written for sports care professionals working on the touchline
  • sportEX health (which has recently become fully online based) – written for health and physical activity professionals working to promote the role of physical activity in health

Please check out our site at www.sportex.net to find out more or click on the names of the publications to see a sample issue.


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  1. Berwyn Rutherford says:

    Sportex medicine sample copy

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