Multi-URL shortener – great for clients

Furly screenshot

The technology: Would you sometimes like to group several URLs together so that you could provide client/customers or patients with one link rather than lots of individual ones? If so here’s a URL shortener that will do it and it’s VERY simple – – just paste each URL in the box on the page provided (one you paste one in, another empty box appears) until you’re finished and then click OK. will then generate one URL. When you click on this URL, you’ll see a thin orange banner at the top of the window of the first web page you entered. It will say 1 of 3 (or however many links you added) and next to it is a drop down menu with the titles of the web pages for each URL you added (see image).

Application: Perfect if you have a series of links on a specific subject which you might want to share with colleagues or clients. For example in my case I grouped two links on a new story about research proving the effectiveness for arthritis ( You could use them to create groups of information on topics that would be helpful to your clients. You can include a link to a video, links to websites, links to pictures – links to anything all grouped together under one short and simple URL. You can post these links on your web page, Facebook page,  through Twitter or anywhere else web related! Unfortunately you can’t edit the series of links once you’ve posted them, so if you wanted to add a new website, you’d have to add all the links and create a new link from scratch. A great way though to add value and build loyalty with your clients and patients for very little effort.


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