Yahoo’s Purple Pedals Project


One of the aims of this blog is to highlight interesting things I encounter that are relevant to the topics of the sportEX magazines. These could come from anywhere – podcasts, newsletters, emails from sportEX readers etc. This one I heard on The World Technology podcast and is based on an initiative from Yahoo involving the distribution of 20 GPS-enabled bicyles around the world. The bikes are painted bright purple and are geared up to take pictures and video regularly which is then uploaded automatically onto photo-sharing websites like Flickr and a video-sharing site hosted by Yahoo (naturally!). The idea is to follow the lives of the bikes as they travel around the world courtesy of the muscle power of bloggers, Yahoo users and others.

This feels to me like a gem of an idea. Firstly there’s a big company utilising physical activity as part of a project (although as far as I can discover, this isn’t how they’re marketing it..yet) and an entrepreneurial activity promoter may feel there is an opportunity either in approaching Yahoo in the UK perhaps with a proposal for an extension of this project (younger adults are a key target market for Yahoo), particularly as it seems one of the 20 circulating bikes has not yet made it to the UK (although I can’t confirm that for sure). Either way this is a fantastic concept – one which could easily be built upon and with great marketing legs (no pun intended) for commercial organisations wanting to promote their involvement in physical activity. Another thought might be cycling organisations like British Cycling who might see this as fitting into part of their Everyday Cycling campaign, or cycling charity Sustrans? Either way there are lots of possible ways to utilise an initiative like this, if you have any thoughts or ideas you feel inclined to share, please post them below. If you want more info you can watch a video on this link and visit the Purple Pedals website.

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