Urban pacman

pacman_blackberryAnyone remember the iconic 80s game Pacman? Little white ghosts chasing a munching yellow ball around a maze? Well some imaginative Americans in Manhattan, New York, have created a real life street-based version  (where it is nicknamed Pacmanhattan) and it’s since crossed the pond to France and could provide inspiration for a physical activity promotion game.

Essentially a person dressed up as Pacman and four people dressed up as ghosts in the original Pacman style, chase each other around a one mile grid of streets. The people on the streets communicate with controllers who sit at computers and direct their charges either towards or away from each other depending on whether on who they’re coordinating.

Obviously we don’t want our kids tearing around the streets of large cities but what about adapting it for safer territories and swapping mobile phones with walkie talkies. And if the territory covered wasn’t so large potentially the game wouldn’t need the ‘controllers’ (no, nobody said they were fat!).

Below is a hilarious video on YouTube (which even has a sports injury theme and gets more and more hilarious as it progresses!).


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